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    Welcome to Portão do Daminhão Experyença, Damião Experiença, Daimeão Experiência, Daminhão Experiençã, Damião Ferreira da Cruz. The present portal is a homage and a rescue of the work of one of the greatest musicians that this country has, creator of an unique style, currently with 34 recorded LPs, with revolutionary and surprising ideas in his music, many of them still not explored today in the Brazilian musical scene.

Rejected by the mainstream regulating medias, ridiculed by the prejudice of narrow-minded classic musicians in general, Damião goes on today, at 69 years old, hair in foot ???, affirming his work and his workmanship. The portal contains his biography, his sound, his discography, book, ideas, thoughts, dialect of the Planet Lamma and the followers of the ideas/sounds that Damião, still in the 70s, have started.

Many times taken for a beggar of the streets, others for a madman, Daminhão today is in personal retirement, 12 years without recording, waiting to release new material, in his apartment at Rio De Janeiro. While this does not happen, here you can know more of Damião´s work, the disruption of the borders between noise and music, the quantum vision of the full sonority, the fusing of rhythms, of cultures, the profetic vision of a Brazil that will never be free, according to Daminhão. The work presented here is kept and updated by the members of Supersimetria band ( that had been influenced by Mr. Damião to create the anti quadridimensional core choro afro cyber grind catira noise; and as a tribute and plantation, to keep the Damionic thought alive.

We are authorized by mr. Damiao to divulge his work to the world. We thank all that have contributed to the Portão do Daminhão: without you all the site would not have achieved the international success that it is now. Thanks a lot to the staff of the Pexbaa (, João, Gilmar - the neighboor at Rio De Janeiro, Zé Urbano (, Thelmo at Recife (Hronir !!!) , Marcelo Barbão, (hail to Geek ), Gustavo Pinheiro (Cabelo) to all blogs and Daminhão fans in general. Health and peace!!!!

Any Kind of material, idea, projects, press, interviews, and so on not found in the site, drop us a line

Keep the free music alive, in the hope of a more just, fair Brazil, which does not submit itself to the Dende Mob or the empire of Ass music (two brazilian music institutions).



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